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Statement for Wildlife Photo Workshop

I have been fortunate. I spent my 50-year career doing what I love, wildlife photography. I’ve spent thousands of hours underwater on some of the world’s best reefs. I’ve been to over 60 countries, on all 7 continents, and every state in the United States, and I got paid for it all. I’ve made some of the best friends a person could ask for. I’ve photographed amazing subjects and had some incredible experiences.

Time and physical demands of my career have taken their toll and it is time to step back and slow down. I want to thank the many people that joined us on a Wildlife Photo Workshop expedition, some of you have become life-long close friends. Thank you to my Nikon family with whom I have had the privilege to work for nearly 30 years. A special thank you to Jean-Michel Cousteau who gave me my first big break. Most of all, thank you to my wife Paula and daughter Sara who supported me during many of those 50 years.

Let’s not say goodbye, please visit my personal website, frierworks.com, to take a look at some of the photography from my 50 years behind the camera. I am constantly adding to and building out the galleries so come back often and stay in touch.

Signing Off,
Scott Frier

scott frier

Join professional wildlife photographer Scott Frier as he shares 30 years of experience with Nikon and as chief expedition photographer for Jacques Cousteau.

“Best Trip Yet! I had a wonderful time.”

Paul Carlin- Elephant Seals

“I had such a great time on the workshop – I can’t quite get my head back around my real life.”

Liz Boehm – Bears of Alaska

“It was a delightful and productive expedition. I really felt at home with the group and look forward to another chance to share a photo excursion with you.”

Rick Hunter – Valley of the Eagles

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